Bespoke Fireplaces by CVO Fire

CVO Fire is UK based Designer and Manufacturer of Contemporary Bespoke Fireplaces. We are able to design fireplaces for homes with and without a chimney for use with either Gas or Bio Ethanol Fuel.


Bespoke Gas Fireplace, Ribbon Burner

Bespoke Gas Fireplace, Ribbon Burner


Shown above is a bespoke ribbon gas fire designed using our FR1500 Ribbon Gas Burner. We have supplied custom made fireplaces to properties all over the World including Homes, Wine Bars Restaurants and Hotels. Our fireplaces have featured in Movies and TV programs. Shown below is our ribbon fire gas burner tray and canopy system installed in a central fireplace design within a hotel.

Our gas and bio ethanol fireplaces are available via our Telesales Department on 01325-301020 or you can view and purchase in our Fireplace Showrooms which are based at our Newton Aycliffe factory in Co Durham (DL5 6XN).


Bespoke Fireplace CVO 1500mm Fire Ribbon Gas Burner

Bespoke Fireplace CVO 1500mm Fire Ribbon Gas Burner


Our fireplaces have won many design and technology awards and have been featured on TV programs like Grand Designs and the Homes Show. We manufacture fireplaces suitable for both homes and commercial properties with or without a chimney. Our range includes all types of installation including Flueless Gas Fires, Bio-Ethanol Fires, Balanced Flue Gas Fires, Power Flue Stoves and Traditional Fireplaces.


Canopy & Circular Firebowl - Red Lion Doncaster

Canopy & Circular Firebowl – Red Lion Doncaster

Need a Bespoke Fireplace Designing and Manufacturing? : The fireplace left shows our circular gas fire bowl, cone canopy and table design. This 12.9Kw fireplace is installed at the Red Lion Public House Doncaster.

This contemporary bespoke fireplace feature was designed, manufactured and supplied by our bespoke gas fireplace engineers based here in the UK.

As a UK based manufacturing Company we have over 50 CE approved gas burners which we can incorporate into a custom fireplace design. Our gas burners include models of various shapes – square, rectangular, circular, oval, linear and curved. These can be sued to create a very unique fireplace feature within a property. We can create fires for all types of installation – with and without a gas supply or chimney system. Our bespoke fireplaces have been installed in private residences and commercial properties like Hotels, Wine Bars and Restaurants around the World and are the automatic choice of top architects and interior designers. View our fireplace designs and installations in properties around the World by using the menu items on the right.


“The Prada or Armani of the Fireplace Industry” – Sunday Times


Gas Fires and Bio Ethanol Fireplaces : We can design any style of fireplace including contemporary styles for modern homes or traditional fireplace designs that use a hearth and surround. There are fires available for all types of properties, with and without a chimney. The range includes ribbon fires, gas fire bowls, flueless gas fires, chimney fires, open flame fires, glass fronted fires, room sealed fireplaces, balanced flue gas fires, high efficiency gas fires, power flue gas fires, gas patio heaters and bio ethanol fireplaces.

Our Sales team are available Monday to Saturday, 9am to 5pm to discuss your requirements. We also invite you to visit our FIREVAULT fireplace showrooms which are located in the North and South of the UK. In the fireplace showrooms you will find both standard contemporary fireplace designs and examples of our bespoke fireplaces.

Our fireplaces are hand made in the UK at our Newton Aycliffe factory and we have won many style and technology awards.

CALL : 01325-301020 or E-mail us.